Training to Maximize Effectiveness

Even the best information is only as useful as the skill of the person using it. At Carnegie, we make sure you and your team know exactly what to do and what to say to maximize the effectiveness of the information we provide.

The following are topics covered in our training:

  • Understanding and Using the Information (For All Audiences)
  • Selling Tactics for Executives (For Non Sales Executives)
  • The Mindset of a C-Level Executive (For All Audiences)
  • Crafting the Message (For All Audiences)
  • Contacting Your Executive Sponsor (For the Salesperson)
  • Contacting the Target Executive (For All Audiences)
  • Contacting the Target Executive (For the Executive Sponsor)
  • Meeting Tactics and Strategies (For All Audiences)

Custom training and in person instruction is available upon request. For more information on these Custom Services please contact us at (408) 655-9461 or email