Have Questions?

How is the information used by salespeople?

Salespeople use our information three ways:

  • C-Level Connections - Salespeople use this information to find executive level relationships they can leverage to help them get an introduction or meeting with the targeted executives. These peer (executive to executive) relationships are extremely powerful when breaking into an account or strengthening an existing client relationship.
  • C-Level Profiles - These in-depth profiles can validate and educate the salespeople on what issues are top of mind of the executive they are targeting. By knowing this they can map their solutions to meet the current needs and interest of the executive. Giving them a much greater chance of closing business because they are putting their solution in a context that is important to the executive and the company.
  • Training - Our training covers a number of scenarios to make sure you and your team know exactly what to do and what to say to maximize the effectiveness of the information we provide. Even without direct executive level connections this training has been used to close multi-million dollar contracts.

How and from where do we get our information on executives?

Our executive profiles are prepared by experienced business analysts who understand critical company initiatives and buying triggers. For our C-Level profiles as well as for all of our executive information we access a number of sources - public, private and proprietary to Carnegie. A few of the sources we use are:

  • Corporate websites
  • Company press releases
  • Our customers
  • Newsweek, Forbes, LinkedIn
  • Alumni Associations
  • And 1,000ís of other public and private sources

Who benefits from using our solutions?

We have worked with non-profits, VC funded start-ups and Fortune 500 clients like Oracle, FedEx and Adobe. All have benefited from using our services.

How do we deliver and price our services?

We offer a number of pricing and delivery options. From individual reports that we generate to corporate subscriptions. Pricing is never based on number of users. We want as many of your people as possible to have access to the information.

How many companies / executives do we cover?

Currently we have over 30,000 companies and over 500,000 executives. Our target is to cover any organization that has over 10 million in annual revenues.

How often is the information refreshed?

The information is refreshed daily. We monitor thousands of sites and sources as well as use researchers to validate the information and keep the biographies up to date, accurate and complete.