Stewardship and Our Clients

Stewardship means that we value and treasure our clients. Our goal is that every relationship we enter into, whether it be for a day or a decade, is enhanced by our presence.

Here are some of the things our clients have said about us:

“Carnegie provided insights into the mindset of my account’s key executives allowing me to align my account strategy to be of greatest value to the customer and Intel.”

Intel - Business Development Manager

"I found it extremely helpful in making Executive Connections in my accounts. I use it on a regular basis and I think it would be a no-brainer for sales people, as relationships are KING (in my opinion). It plays extremely well to how we sell to the CIO."

Gartner – Client Director of Strategic Accounts

“I now have the insights I need so my solution will be seriously considered by the client.”

SAP - Global Account Executive

“Carnegie brings to the table the ability to shorten our sales cycle by providing insightful data before we engage with a customer, thus arming us with a more strategic view of the customer and ultimately enabling us to be more of a partner vs. a vendor.”

Oracle - VP Enterprise Group

If you are a customer and you have benefited from working with Carnegie, we openly welcome hearing from you.

If you are a customer and we have not exceeded your expectations, we MUST hear from you. Hearing praise and good news is valuable, but we cannot continue to improve without also hearing critical feedback.

Thank You and Very Best!

The Leadership Team
Carnegie Research